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The thrilling (I hope) climax!

Heya! Chapter thirty-two is up after a marathon writing session last night. Still looking for them beta readers. – There will be a wrap up chapter, Jacob’s letter to Iggy, and maybe a map of the alley if I can sweet talk my sister.

Chapter 25 is ready to read!

Finally, some PVP. The new familiars show off their skills and a battle takes place between airships as the story races to the finish line. Pretty much anything is allowed in PVP except melee, for liability reasons. Makes for a great seen between Jacob… Continue Reading “Chapter 25 is ready to read!”

The new cover is here!

The new cover for Steam Whistle Alley is here! Thank you to Ivan at for your excellent work. He’s very easy to work with, and knew what I wanted before I did. #steampunk #litrpg #bookcoversart #gamelit #sciencefiction #iartg