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SWA now on audio!

I’m proud to announce the release of Steam Whistle Alley in audiobook format. Read by the talented Sena Bryer, Steam Whistle Alley comes to life in front of your very ears. Link available on the home page. Work continues on book two now that… Continue Reading “SWA now on audio!”

First Book Thoughts

Heya. Well, I did it. I went and wrote a book. Published it, made paperbacks, and gave one to mom. She hasn’t read a book since the 70’s, but she read mine. That was the one thing I wanted to take away from it,… Continue Reading “First Book Thoughts”

Steam Whistle Alley released!

It was a longer road then I was expecting, but hitting publish felt amazing. My first paperback is coming in the mail tomorrow, and I’m finding it hard to sleep. You gotta see the drop caps! Anyway Banjo is starting to get a bit… Continue Reading “Steam Whistle Alley released!”