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Chapter 29: Underground is up

Maybe two chapters and an afterword left to go! Writing this book has been one heck of a journey. This chapter features the Fremont Troll, which you can visit if you ever make it to Seattle. In the book, it’s buried deep underground, along… Continue Reading “Chapter 29: Underground is up”

Gasworks Park, Chapter 26

Chapter 26 is up, and it takes us to Gasworks Park, where I got the idea for Steam Whistle Alley. It’s one of my favorite places in Seattle. It’s an old coal gasification plant, where coal was turned into gas which lit the streetlights… Continue Reading “Gasworks Park, Chapter 26”

A 10,000 word day

It’s a first, so I thought I’d save it for posterity. Three chapters, 10K words. Time to relax with a hot toddy.