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The Bastards are Back!

Heya! Been a while, but I’m proud to announce the release of Eight-Bit Bastards: Level Three. Since getting into the whole indie publishing deal, I’ve found pleasure (and profit) in helping other authors with editing, covers, audiobooks, and other aspects of the trade. Unfortunately,… Continue Reading “The Bastards are Back!”

Eight-Bit Bastards now on Audiobook!

I’m proud to announce that Eight- Bit Bastards, Levels One and Two are available on Audible, Kobo, and other fine retailers. Read by Michael Norman Johnson and produced by the good folks at Spectrum Audio, 8-Bit Bastards features chiptunes, 8-bit sound effects and a… Continue Reading “Eight-Bit Bastards now on Audiobook!”

8-Bit Bastards, Levels 1&2 coming to audio!

Well, we’ve hit upload, and now the wait begins. Levels 1 and 2 will be featured together in one audiobook, read by the talented Michael Norman Johnson and mastered and distributed by the good folks at Spectrum Publishing. They’re a winning team, and I… Continue Reading “8-Bit Bastards, Levels 1&2 coming to audio!”