Speech software for the win

I wrote Steam Whistle Alley with three fingers and a space bar thumb. I can churn out about 50 words a minute, but i’m not what you would call a speed typist.

So, I shelled out the dough after hearing good things about Dragon Software. I should clarify, they’re not paying me, but I found I can churn out the story nearly twice as fast.

The problem is that it seems I’m using different parts of my brain to get the words on to the screen. I don’t know if the feeling will fade after awhile, but the writing just seems… different somehow. I really have to think about each sentence before I say it, whereas when I write I just type away merrily with my three fingers and see what sticks.

I’m sure once I get used to the software and it gets used to me, things might get smoother, bot for writing a novel there’s one heck of a comfort curve to deal with.

Anyway, the auidobook is progressing, part two’s about halfway done, I have one more week of work before taking a month-long hiatus to focus on camping and writing. Future’s lookin’ good.

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